Cash register rolls

Thermal rolls
Thermo kit 35+20mm/34m
Thermo kit 35+20mm/26m
Thermo roll 57mm/17m
Thermo roll 57mm/26m
Thermo roll 57mm/34m
Thermo roll 57mm/65m
Thermo roll 28mm/17m
Thermo roll 37mm/11m

Offset rolls
Offset roll 70mm/45m

Carbonless rolls
Carbonless roll, dual layer 76mm/28m
Carbonless roll, dual layer 76mm/13m

Impact rolls
Impact roll, dual layer 76mm/28m
Impact roll, dual layer 57mm/13m
Impact roll, dual layer 57mm/11m

Rolls for fax machines

Thermal rolls
Fax roll thermal 210mm/26m

Thermal big rolls

Thermal rolls 580mm/12000m/55gr/m?

Ability to produce any size and any type of rolls;
Chemically processed roll paper CB,CF,SCCB,SC;
Standart and special thermo paper;
water and oil resistant paper with food contact certificate;